National Roman Museum - Palazzo Massimo
Home to the National Roman Museum
185 meters
Opera house
Iconic 19th-century Theater
227 meters
National Gallery of Ancient Art in Barberini Palace
Baroque palace housing a splendid collection of ancient art
539 meters
Papal Basilica
Majestic Papal Basilica dedicated to the Virgin Mary
587 meters
Gardens of Sallust
Historic gardens in Rome known for their archaeological ruins and beautiful landscaping
589 meters
Chiesa di Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini
Capuchin Church of Immaculate Conception
705 meters
Capuchin Church & Crypt
The Bone Chapel of Rome
711 meters
Gallery of Modern Art
Celebrated repository of modern art
909 meters
Monti Neighborhood
Charming Historic Enclave
931 meters
Basilica of St. Peter in Vincoli
Home to Michelangelo's "Moses" and the Chains of St. Peter
1.0 km
Vicus Caprarius-the Water City
Ancient Water Town beneath Rome
1.0 km
Mercato Rionale Monti
A Quaint Neighborhood Market
1.1 km
Trevi Fountain
Iconic Baroque Fountain and Symbol of Romance
1.1 km
Colonna Gallery
A noble palace hosting a rich art collection
1.1 km
Nuovo Mercato Esquilino
A Vibrant Multi-Cultural Market
1.2 km
Spanish Steps
Elegant and monumental staircase adorned with a historic obelisk
1.2 km
The Keats - Shelley House
Residence of Romantic Poets Keats and Shelley
1.2 km
Galleria Sciarra
Historic Courtyard with Art Nouveau Elegance
1.2 km
Domus Aurea
Emperor Nero's Grand Golden Palace in Ancient Rome
1.3 km
Villa Medici
16th-century cardinal's villa with landscaped gardens
1.3 km
Doria Pamphili Gallery
Palatial gallery showcasing a private art collection
1.3 km
Borghese Gallery and Museum
Renowned art museum featuring an exquisite collection of Italian and European masterpieces
1.3 km
Via dei Condotti
Exclusive shopping destination in the heart of Rome's fashion district
1.3 km
Via del Corso
Bustling historic street, a shopper's and stroller's delight
1.4 km
Monument to Victor Emmanuel II
Majestic monument honoring the first king of a unified Italy
1.4 km
Monumental 3-tiered Roman amphitheater once used for gladiatorial games
1.4 km
Church of Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Baroque masterpiece and tribute to the founder of the Jesuits
1.4 km
Roman Forum
The Historical Heart of Ancient Rome
1.4 km
Villa Borghese Gardens
Expansive urban park housing a renowned art collection and botanical gardens
1.5 km
Basilica of San Clemente
Multilayered basilica uncovering centuries of Roman history
1.5 km
Capitoline Hill
Architectural masterpiece and political center of Rome
1.5 km
Via Margutta
Artistic and Historic Enclave
1.5 km
Capitoline Museums
Ancient and Renaissance art treasures in Rome's oldest public museums
1.6 km
Palatine Hill
Ancient archaeological site offering panoramic views and historical treasures
1.6 km
Church of the Gesù
Baroque gem and mother church of the Jesuits
1.6 km
Ancient Roman Temple with a Majestic Dome
1.7 km
San Lorenzo District
Bohemian district with a youthful and artistic flair
1.7 km
Mercato Campagna Amica
An Authentic Farmers' Market
1.7 km
Museo dell'Ara Pacis
Imposing, light-filled museum, designed by Richard Meier
1.8 km
Largo di Torre Argentina
Ancient Roman Archaeological Site and Cat Sanctuary
1.8 km
Theatre of Marcellus
Roman theater started by Julius Caesar
1.8 km
Coppedè District
Architecturally Unique Neighborhood
1.9 km
Portico of Octavia
Remains of an ancient walkway
1.9 km
Piazza del Popolo
Grand urban square with historical significance
1.9 km
Piazza Navona
Picturesque Baroque Square
2.0 km
Basilica di Santo Stefano Rotondo al Celio
Unique Circular Church with Ancient Christian Heritage
2.0 km
Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano
Majestic Papal Archbasilica, one of Rome's four major basilicas
2.0 km
Passetto del Biscione
Hidden Historical Passage
2.0 km
Tiber Island
Island in a bend of the River Tiber with a number of historical buildings & monuments
2.0 km
Palazzo della Cancelleria / Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition
Historic Renaissance palace housing a Leonardo da Vinci exhibition
2.1 km
Campo de' Fiori
Vibrant market square with historical charm
2.2 km
Welcome To Rome
Interactive Museum Offering a Spectacular Journey Through Rome's History.
2.2 km
Palazzo Spada
Baroque Grandeur and Illusory Architecture
2.2 km
Roseto Comunale
Rome's Blooming Rose Garden
2.2 km
Borghetto Flaminio Market
Pre-owned & vintage clothing, accessories & jewelry
2.3 km
Giardino degli Aranci
Rome's Orange Garden
2.4 km
National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia
Esteemed repository of Etruscan art and artifacts
2.4 km
St. Angelo Bridge
Iconic bridge adorned with angelic statues, connecting history and art
2.5 km
Castel Sant'Angelo
Historic fortress and mausoleum adorned with a cylindrical tower
2.5 km
Historic and charming district on the west bank of the Tiber River
2.6 km
Villa Farnesina
Renaissance Splendor on the Banks of the Tiber
2.6 km
Baths of Caracalla
Historic Roman Thermal Baths Complex
2.6 km
Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere
Enchanting Roman Basilica with a rich history
2.6 km
Aventine Hill
Prominent of the seven hills of ancient Rome
2.7 km
Pigneto Neighborhood
Bohemian and Trendy Enclave
2.9 km
Botanical Garden of Rome
Lush Haven of Botanical Diversity
3.0 km
Janiculum Hill
Historic, well-known hilltop terrace with panoramic views of Rome
3.2 km
Saint Peter's Square
Stately square at the heart of the Vatican, embracing the grandeur of St. Peter's Basilica
3.2 km
Catacombs of Priscilla
A 13km network of tombs & chapel dug into volcanic rock with richly decorated with stucco & artwork
3.2 km
Non-Catholic Cemetery
A Resting Place of Cultural Significance
3.2 km
Testaccio market
Vibrant Urban Market
3.3 km
Testaccio Neighborhood
Vibrant Roman Neighborhood with Culinary Delights
3.4 km
Sistine Chapel
A masterpiece of Renaissance art and the papal conclave's sacred enclave
3.5 km
St. Peter's Basilica
Renaissance masterpiece and the world's largest Christian church
3.5 km
Vatican Museums
World-renowned cultural treasure trove within the Vatican City
3.6 km
Parco della Caffarella
Park with Rural Roman Charm
4.2 km
Centrale Montemartini
Industrial Marvel Turned Art Museum
4.2 km
Stadio Olimpico
Stadium of soccer clubs Lazio & Roma
4.9 km
Catacombs of Domitilla
15km of catacombs with a sunken church & 2nd-century fresco of the Last Supper
4.9 km
Villa Doria Pamphili
Vast Roman Parkland of Elegance and Tranquility
4.9 km
Catacombs of St. Callixtus
Ancient Christian burial tunnels containing 3rd-century frescoes & the crypts of martyrs & popes
5.0 km
Basilica of Saint Paul Outside The Walls
Stately Papal Basilica
5.1 km
Catacombs of Saint Sebastian
Ancient tunnels used as an underground tomb, named after St. Sebastian, a martyr who is buried here
5.5 km
Ostiense District
Artistic and Industrial Hub
5.5 km
Park of the Aqueducts
Historic Park Featuring Ancient Roman Aqueduct Ruins
7.7 km
Via Appia Antica
Ancient Roman Road
10.3 km
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