Gardens of Sallust
Photo credit: rome_is_the_light

Gardens of Sallust

Horti Sallustiani

Horti Sallustiani, also known as the Gardens of Sallust, is a historic site located in Rome, Italy. These gardens were originally created by the Roman historian and politician, Sallust, in the 1st century BC. The gardens were known for their lush landscaping, including various types of trees, flowers, and shrubs.

The Horti Sallustiani were not only admired for their natural beauty, but also for their archaeological ruins. The site includes the remains of ancient buildings, such as the Porta Salaria, which was one of the gates of the city walls. Visitors can explore these ruins and get a glimpse into the history of Rome.

In addition to the ruins, the gardens also feature a beautiful promenade area and a large terrace with panoramic views of the city. This makes it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Today, the Horti Sallustiani are a protected archaeological site and are open to the public. Visitors can stroll through the gardens, admire the ruins, and experience the tranquility of this historic site in the heart of Rome.