Buda Castle Funicular
Historic funicular connecting the banks of the Danube River to Buda Castle
41 meters
Chain Bridge Viewpoint
Panoramic Vista Overlooking Historic Chain Bridge
52 meters
Hungarian National Gallery
Major art museum showcasing Hungarian art from the Middle Ages to the present day
184 meters
Széchenyi Chain Bridge
Budapest's Iconic Link Across the Danube
290 meters
Castle District
A Historic Gem with Timeless Beauty
307 meters
Várkert Bazár
A Historical and Architectural Treasure by the Danube
308 meters
Fisherman's Bastion
A Fairytale-like Panorama of Budapest
639 meters
Matthias Church
An Architectural Marvel and Spiritual Beacon
650 meters
Hospital in the Rock
A Hidden Underground Relic of Cold War History
750 meters
Café Gerbeaud
A Grandeur of Coffee and Confectionery Excellence
757 meters
Shoes on the Danube Bank
Memorial honoring victims of the Holocaust on the Danube Bank
758 meters
Vörösmarty square
A Cultural Epicenter and Urban Plaza
795 meters
Ferris Wheel of Budapest
A Sky-High Icon of Panoramic Splendor
889 meters
Nanushka Store & Café
Where Fashion and Culinary Excellence Converge
931 meters
Garden of Philosophers
A Reflective Sanctuary
946 meters
Vaci street
A Historic Thoroughfare of Shopping and Culture
958 meters
Liberty Square
A Hub of History and Elegance
1.0 km
Ronald Reagan Statue
Commemorative statue honoring Ronald Reagan's contribution to the end of the Cold War
1.1 km
The Parliament Viewpoint at Batthyany Square
A Captivating Overlook
1.1 km
Rudas Baths
A Timeless Soak in Budapest's Historic Thermal Baths
1.1 km
St. Stephen's Basilica
Magnificent neoclassical basilica housing Hungary's largest bell and stunning panoramic views
1.1 km
Hungarian Parliament
Architectural Majesty on the Danube
1.1 km
A Historic Stronghold with Panoramic Grandeur
1.3 km
Liberty Statue
A Symbol of Freedom and Panoramic Splendor
1.4 km
Twentysix Budapest
Where Nature, Gastronomy, and Creativity Unite
1.4 km
Hungarian State Opera
A Cultural Jewel of Grand Opera and Timeless Elegance
1.5 km
Andrássy Avenue
A Stately Boulevard of Culture and Elegance
1.5 km
Dohány Street Synagogue
A Monument to Jewish Heritage and Resilience
1.5 km
Museum of Sweets and Selfies
A Whimsical Confectionery Adventure
1.6 km
Károlyi Garden
A Tranquil Urban Retreat in Budapest
1.6 km
Széllkapu park
A Tranquil Oasis and Green Sanctuary
1.6 km
Gellért Hill Cave Church
A Spiritual Sanctuary in Natural Splendor
1.7 km
Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Center
Celebrating the Art of Visual Storytelling
1.7 km
Fény Street Market
A Culinary Wonderland of Hungarian Delights
1.7 km
Szimpla Kert
The Pioneering Heart of Ruin Bars and Bohemian Vibes
1.7 km
Gellért Thermal Bath
A Healing Oasis of Art Nouveau Elegance and Relaxation
1.8 km
Great Market Hall
A Culinary and Cultural Gem
1.8 km
Hungarian National Museum
A Gateway to Hungary's Rich Heritage
1.8 km
Instant-Fogas Complex
A Thriving Hub of Nightlife and Culture
1.9 km
Liszt Academy
A Hallowed Haven of Musical Excellence and Artistic Legacy
1.9 km
Margaret Island
Picturesque island in the heart of Budapest offering recreational activities and natural beauty
2.0 km
Pozsonyi street
A Charming Avenue of Local Delights
2.0 km
Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library
Iconic Library in Budapest
2.1 km
House of Terror
A Haunting Reminder of a Dark Past
2.1 km
Pinball Museum
A Playful Journey Through Pinball History
2.1 km
Lukacs Baths
A Historic Thermal Retreat with Healing Waters and Artistic Charms
2.2 km
New York Café
A Palatial Gem of Coffee and Elegance
2.3 km
Veli Bej Bath
A Hidden Gem of Ottoman-Era Serenity and Healing
2.4 km
Szent István park
A Tranquil Oasis of Nature and Elegance
2.4 km
Lehel Market
Vibrant Budapest market offering fresh produce, local specialties, and a bustling atmosphere
2.7 km
Trafó - House of Contemporary Arts
A Hub of Avant-Garde Expression and Creative Exploration
2.9 km
Villa Walter Rózsi
The new home of Hungarian architecture
2.9 km
Róth Museum
A Window into Stained Glass Artistry
3.1 km
Zwack Unicum Museum
Exploring Hungary's Iconic Liqueur Legacy
3.3 km
Fiumei Road Graveyard
A Historic Resting Place of Eminent Figures and Serene Beauty
3.3 km
Dandar Baths
A Local Healing Oasis with Historic Character
3.3 km
Museum of Fine Arts
A Treasury of Artistic Masterpieces
3.4 km
Heroes' Square
A Majestic Tribute to Hungary's History
3.4 km
City Park Ice Rink and Boating
A Seasonal Playground for Outdoor Enthusiasts
3.5 km
Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden
A Natural Oasis in the Heart of the City
3.7 km
House of Music
Celebrating the Rich Tapestry of Hungarian Music
3.7 km
Main Playground in Városliget
A Grand Playground in the Heart of the City
3.7 km
Elte Botanical Garden
A Botanical Gem and Green Haven
3.7 km
Vajdahunyad Castle
A Fairytale-Inspired Architectural Gem
3.7 km
Jaki Chapel
A Hidden Gem of Spiritual Serenity
3.8 km
An Urban Riverside Paradise
3.8 km
City Park
Budapest's Enchanting City Park
3.9 km
Ludwig Museum
An Artistic Haven of Modern and Contemporary Masterpieces
3.9 km
Széchenyi Thermal Bath
Budapest's Therapeutic Oasis
3.9 km
Müpa Budapest
A Cultural Hub of Performances and Artistic Expression
4.0 km
Vasarely Museum
A Kaleidoscope of Op Art Masterpieces
4.7 km
Libegő - Chair lift
A Scenic and Effortless Way to Soar above Buda's Beauty
5.4 km
Normafa Park
A Serene Natural Escape in the Buda Hills
5.6 km
Children's Railway
A Unique and Educational Rail Adventure for Young Explorers
7.5 km
A Riverside Escape of Nature and Gastronomy
8.4 km
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