Róth Museum
Photo credit: rothmuzeum

Róth Museum

Róth Miksa Emlékház és Gyűjtemény

Róth Miksa Emlékház és Gyűjtemény, situated in Budapest, is a unique museum dedicated to the life and work of Miksa Róth, a renowned Hungarian stained glass artist. This iconic museum invites art enthusiasts, cultural explorers, and those with an appreciation for fine craftsmanship to delve into the world of stained glass and the legacy of this exceptional artist.

The museum is located in Miksa Róth's former home, adding a personal and intimate touch to the experience. It offers insight into his life, artistic journey, and the techniques he employed in creating exquisite stained glass artworks.

Róth Miksa Emlékház és Gyűjtemény is celebrated for its collection of stained glass pieces, showcasing Róth's intricate and captivating designs that grace various buildings in Budapest and around the world.