O2 Arena Rooftop
Photo credit: theo2london

O2 Arena Rooftop

The O2 Arena Rooftop, situated atop one of London's most iconic entertainment venues, offers a thrilling and panoramic experience that elevates your view of the city. This unique attraction invites visitors to embark on a sky-high adventure and enjoy breathtaking urban vistas of London's skyline.

The rooftop's sleek and modern design is a fitting contrast to the arena's signature dome structure. It serves as a testament to contemporary architecture and innovation.

The O2 Arena Rooftop experience is all about ascension. Visitors ascend to the top of the arena, where they are met with awe-inspiring 360-degree views of London's urban landscape. From the sparkling River Thames to the city's iconic landmarks, the vistas from this vantage point are a photographer's dream.

The rooftop walkway and viewing platform provide opportunities for exploration and discovery, whether it's capturing stunning photographs or simply marveling at the city's grandeur.