Marc Chagall Museum
A Tribute to a Visionary Artist
669 meters
The Train of Marvels
A Scenic Journey Through the Marvels of the French Riviera
717 meters
Russian Orthodox Church
Historic cathedral dedicated to Saint Nicholas
949 meters
Jean Médecin Avenue
The Heart of Nice's Shopping Scene
1.2 km
Fox in a Box Escape Room
Puzzles, Adventure, and Teamwork
1.2 km
Hotel Amour rooftop
Rooftop in a charming boutique hotel
1.5 km
Archeology Museum of Nice
Museum showcasing the rich history of Nice
1.5 km
Matisse Museum
Museum Celebrating the Works of Henri Matisse
1.6 km
Ice Rink of Nice
Ice skating in the Cote d'Azur
1.6 km
Massena Square
Iconic public square in Nice known for its stunning architecture and vibrant atmosphere
1.6 km
Square Head
Unique modern sculpture depicting a square head
1.6 km
Massena Museum
Historic mansion turned museum showcasing art and history
1.6 km
Modern and Contemporary Art Museum (MAMAC)
Showcasing a diverse collection of contemporary artworks
1.6 km
Garden of Arenas Cimiez
Historic garden with Roman ruins and beautiful Mediterranean views
1.6 km
Ruhl Plage
Promenade des Anglais' Iconic Beachfront
1.7 km
Promenade des Anglais
Iconic promenade along the coast offering stunning views and a vibrant atmosphere.
1.7 km
Le Negresco
Iconic luxury hotel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea
1.8 km
Garibaldi Square
Historic square honoring Italian unification leader
1.8 km
Old Town
Historic District with Narrow Streets
1.8 km
Nice Cathedral
Historic cathedral known for its stunning architecture and religious significance
1.8 km
Lascaris Palace Museum
Historic Baroque Palace Turned Museum
1.8 km
Le Cocodile Restaurant
Restaurant and Café with a view
1.9 km
Cours Saleya
Vibrant market square in the heart of Nice's Old Town
1.9 km
Cimiez Monastery
Historic monastery offering a glimpse into Nice's religious past
1.9 km
Museum of Fine Arts in Nice
Prestigious art museum showcasing a diverse collection of masterpieces
2.0 km
Castle Hill viewpoint
Historic hilltop park offering panoramic views of Nice and ancient ruins
2.2 km
Declare your love for Nice
2.3 km
Nice Harbour
Picturesque Port with a Rich Maritime History
2.5 km
Vigier Park
Beautiful seaside park with stunning views
2.9 km
Le Plongeoir
Stunning diving platform converted from a historic seafront building
3.1 km
Mont Boron Viewpoint
A Breathtaking Vista Over Nice
3.2 km
Mount Alban Fort
Historic fortress offering panoramic views of Nice and the French Riviera
3.2 km
Coco Beach
Beautiful city beach
3.4 km
Coastal Path
Picturesque coastal path offering stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea
3.6 km
Château de l'Anglais
Historic castle offering panoramic views of Nice (Exterior Viewing Only)
3.6 km
A Picturesque Little Town with Old-World Charm
4.1 km
Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild
Opulent seaside villa with stunning gardens and art collection
5.5 km
Parc Phœnix
Beautiful botanical garden showcasing a diverse collection of plants and animals.
5.9 km
Asian Arts Museum
A Showcase of Asian Art and Culture
5.9 km
Château de Bellet
Historic wine estate and castle overlooking Nice
6.0 km
Paloma Beach
Beautiful beach known for its clear waters
7.0 km
Renoir Museum
Art museum dedicated to the works of Renoir
9.7 km
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